XPositions window

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    XPositions window

    The XPositions window displays the positions calculated by the TigerTrade on the executions displayed in the Executions window and containing extended information, such as the time spent in position, the stop loss and take profit, as well as profit or loss on positions closed during the day and commission.

    In order to display the XPositions window in the main menu, select Tables - XPositions. Columns in table can be hidden, rearranged and resized.

    The XPositions window can be linked to other windows. After setting the link, double-clicking on the position in the table will allow you to set the symbol and the trading account corresponding to the position in all windows combined into one link group.

    In order to hide information on a closed position from the table, right-click on the desired position in the table and select Hide. The hidden position will be displayed again as soon as it becomes open again.

    In the event that information about some positions does not get into TigerTrade, for example, if trading was done through another terminal, then the positions calculated by the TigerTrade may not be displayed correctly. To adjust the positions, use the Enter, Change and Clear buttons located at the top of the window.


    1 - Enter button - enter information about an open position, if it has not been taken into account by the TigerTrade.
    2 - Button Edit - change information about an open position. This option must be used if the position calculated by the TigerTrade differs from the real position.
    3 - Clear button - clears information about an open position without closing the position itself. This option must be used if a nonexistent position is displayed in TigerTrade.
    4 - Button Only open - enable / disable display of only open positions.
    5 - Close button - closes the selected position.
    6 - Button Close All - closes all open positions displayed in the table.

    Connection.Connection through which position information is received.
    SymbolTicker name.
    SideLong - buy, Short - sell, Flat - no position.
    QuantityPosition quantity.
    Avg. priceAverage position price.
    T/PTake profit price.
    S/LStop loss price.
    PointsProfit or loss on the current open position in points.
    PnLProfit or loss on the current open position in money.
    Time in PosThe time elapsed since the position was opened.
    Total pointsProfit or loss for the current day in points.
    Total Gross PnLProfit or loss for the current day in money.
    Total Net PnLProfit or loss for the current day in money, taking into account the commission fees.
    ComissionCommission fees for the current day.
    AccountAccount number through which the position was opened.