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    Volume Search

    The Volume Search window provides information from clusters in a table form. The table contains information on the total value of the volume for the entire bar, as well as on the cell with the maximum volume. Volume search is an indispensable tool for setting up filters.

    In order to create a new Volume Search window use main menu, select Open - Volume Search.


    1 Symbol - ticker selection
    2 Period - timeframe selection
    3 Preset - Table preset type.
    4 Time - time range for filtering intraday data.
    5 Bar size - filter maximum and minimum of the bar/candle.
    6 Price scale- merging neighboring cells into one cell.
    7 Apply - applying settings and updating data in tables.
    8 Main table - output values for the selected ticker.
    9 Average values - a table with the average values of the columns in the main table.

    #Cell number.
    TimeBar time.
    Bar SizeBar size.
    POCThe price of the maximum volume in the bar.
    Max VolumeThe maximum volume inside the bar.
    Total VolumeTotal bar volume.
    Max TradesThe maximum number of trades inside the bar.
    Total TradesThe total number of trades in the bar.
    Max BidMaximum sales within the bar.
    Total BidsTotal amount sold in the bar.
    Max AskThe maximum buy volume inside the bar.
    Total AsksThe total buy amount inside the bar.
    Max DeltaMaximum delta inside the bar.
    Min DeltaMinimum delta inside the bar.
    Total DeltaTotal delta inside the bar.