Timeframe selection

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    Timeframe selection

    Click on "clock" icon to select timeframe

    On the left side of the window you see a list of predefined periods. You can set the period from this list by clicking on it. To change this list, click the Edit button.

    In the right part of the window, you can quickly set the desired period. To do this, select Interval and enter its Value. Then click the Apply button.

    The number of downloaded history days can be limited by selecting the Start date and / or End date, and then clicking the Apply button. To reset the selected date, delete the text in the date field.


    Chart interval types

    Below is a list of available intervals for the chart.

    Second Seconds chart
    Minute Minute chart
    Hour Hourly chart
    Day Daily chart
    Week Weekly chart
    Month Monthly chart
    Year Yearly chart
    Tick A chart in which each bar consists of a given number of ticks.
    Volume A chart in which the total volume of each bar is equal to the specified value of the interval.
    Delta A graph in which the total delta of each bar is equal to the specified interval value
    Range A chart with a bar range equal to the specified interval value