TigerTrade 5.0.7

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    TigerTrade 5.0.7

    Attention! This version of the platform requires a 64-bit operating system and .NET Framework 4.7.2.

    1. Implemented the ability to add/remove levels to the DOM window with customizable name and notification on touch of the level.
    2. Implemented the ability to maximize the window to the size of the application window when displaying multiple windows on one tab, it is using a must have hotkey.
    3. A magnet mode is implemented in the chart window, which allows to magnetize the control points of graphical objects to the OHLC candle.
    4. In the chart window, an option for quick template application has been added to the object quick editing panel.
    5. Added a hotkey for data refresh (similar to choosing in the File menu - Refresh data) for all windows.
    6. Added a hotkey and an icon for updating data in the active chart window.
    7. Added the ability to display the connection status in the title of the main window, as well as establish and disconnect the connection by clicking on this indicator.
    8. In the basic settings, added the parameter Save the configuration interval, which allows you to configure how often you want to save the complete configuration of the application in minutes, if you enter 0, then auto-saving is disabled.
    9. A new column "Turnover" has been added to the quotes window showing the turnover of an asset in money.
    10. A new connector for the FTX crypto exchange has been implemented; it is available in both in paid and in free license.
    11. Added the ability to trade Coin-M futures on the Binance crypto exchange.
    12. For those who trade cryptocurrency through a free license, a new Crypto server has been added, you can select it through the Settings - Login Options menu.

    Changes on 03.01.21
    1. The connector to the FTX crypto exchange has been added.
    2. Changed the appearance of arrows indicating trades on the chart.
    3. Fixed operation of the hotkey set SL / TP.
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