TigerTrade 4.5.12

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    TigerTrade 4.5.12
    1. Implemented a connector for Interactive Brokers.
    2. Implemented a connector to the cryptocurrency exchange Bybit.
    3. Margin trading and futures trading on the Binance crypto exchange has been implemented.
    4. Implemented trading futures on the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange.
    5. Added the ability to trade options on the MOEX exchange, implemented an option board.
    6. Added the ability to trade American stocks on the St. Petersburg Exchange.
    7. The list of American stocks available on the platform has been expanded.
    8. Added a new graphical object Fibonacci Extensions.
    9. A new ruler graphic object has been added.
    10. The risk manager has the ability to set fractional values.
    11. In the connection settings through the Transaq Connector, the ability to set the time for automatic connection is added.
    12. In the connection settings via Bybit and Bitmex, the option Internal position accounting has been added which includes the calculation of positions on transactions completed through the terminal with statistics.
    TigerTrade 4.5.12
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