Suggestion based on personal experience for a better User Friendly Functionality

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Would it be useful for you to have those changes in the TigerTrade Soft ?

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  1. Mike01

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    Feb 9, 2021
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    Hi there everyone, my name is Mike.
    I would like to suggest a couple slight modifications for a better User Friendly Functionality.
    There are a couple things that i think are missing and/or would be very useful to have them implemented.
    I will list those things by keeping in consideration also those people who trade different asset classes through different exchanges or brokers in case of CME futures and USA stocks.

    1) Watchlist - Would be very useful to have some templates and be able to save and apply a certain template to a certain watchlist, like, for example, save a template containing only the last, change, net change, volume, and value columns, as there are a lot of columns but very few people keep them all open. I think the majority of people close a lot of columns as soon as they open a new watchlist and keep only the most important columns to them open.

    2) Chart Trader - Like many others I do trade mostly through the DOM, but at the same time also monitor my positions on the chart through the Chart Trader as I keep it open but hidden only to have the open position price level on the chart as a reference.. I know the chart trader keeps the account linked to the symbol once an account has been selected, I would like to suggest a very slight modification to it.. In the Chart Settings>Trading section add the "Account" section, with the ability to enable or disable at preference "Keep last used account linked" that way let's say a person trades crypto through different exchanges or has multiple accounts on the same exchange, or even trades stocks and crypto, the ability to "Keep last used account liked" in the Chart Trader (maybe also DOM?) would be useful for those who change accounts/exchanges/brokers on the fly to get in the market if the opportunity arises, and will save some time (all tho it's just a couple seconds to open the chart trader and select the account in case of symbol/account/exchange change, sometimes those 3-4 seconds are crucial to monitor the position)
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