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    In the SmartTape window, all executed trades for the selected market are displayed .
    In order to create a new SmartTape use main menu, select Open - SmartTape.


    1 Config panel
    2 Link button.
    3 Customizable columns.
    4 SmartTape area.

    Config Panel

    The following buttons are on the toolbar:

    SmartTape settingsOpens the settings menu and window options.
    Select symbolAllows you to select the ticker to be be displayed in SmartTape.
    Load HistoryAllows you to load in SmartTape all trades for the selected ticker for a period of up to five days.
    Clear TapeClears SmartTape.


    The SmartTape is presented in a form of table. Columns can be configured by clicking on their names, right-clicking, and ticking or unchecking.

    Default columns are:

    DateTrade date.
    TimeTrade time.
    McsMillisecond the trade was executed.
    PricePrice of the trade.
    VolumeVolume. If there is sign (+) or (-), it means the trade influence on open interest.
    Avg. sizeAverage size of aggregated trade.
    BidBest price to buy in DOM.
    Bid SizeVolume of orders at the best buy price.
    AskBest price to sell in DOM.
    Ask SizeVolume of orders at the best sell price.
    Open IntOpen Interest. The total number of open contracts at the time of the trade.
    SThe indicator of the speed of movement of the tape.
    BThe indicator of the balance of buys and sells for the period of time specified in the settings.

    SmartTape settings


    ColorsThis group of settings allows you to customize the color scheme of the tape.
    Aggregate ticksDisplay trades completed simultaneously in one trade.
    Show OI changeWhen open interest changes, the direction of change is displayed in the “volume” column with a sign (+) or (-).
    Minimum volumeTrades less than the set value are not displayed.
    Maximum volumeTrades exceeding than the set value are not displayed.
    Empty line interval.Values are set in seconds. If there are no trades for the specified period, then this event is displayed in the tape as an empty line.
    Balance indicator intervalValues are set in seconds. The indicator considers transactions for the specified period and graphically displays the ratio of buys to sells.
    Alerts settings


    Min. volumeAn alert is activated when the trade volume is equal to or greater than the specified value.
    Max. volumeAn alert is activated when the trade volume is equal to or less than the specified value.
    Tick sideOnly buys or only sells or both sides.
    AlertSelect to setup sound/popup or email alert.
    ColorThe line with alert will be colored with this color.