Positions window

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    Positions window

    The Positions window displays the positions received through the connection to the broker/exchange. TigerTrade does not use this information, as it independently calculates the positions for completed orders and displays them in the XPositions window in an expanded form. To display the Positions window use main menu, select Tables - Positions. Columns in the table can be hidden, rearranged and resized.


    1 - Button Only open - enable / disable display of only open positions.
    2 - Close button - closes the selected position.
    3 - Button Close All - closes all open positions displayed in table.

    Connection.Connection through which position information is received.
    SymbolTicker name.
    SideLong - buy, Short - sell, Flat - no position.
    QuantityPosition quantity.
    Avg. pricePosition Average price.
    LiquidationLiquidation level.
    Unrealized PnLProfit or loss on the current open position.
    Realized PnLProfit or loss on positions closed during the trading session.
    ComissionCommission fees for the current trading session.
    AccountAccount number through which the position was opened.