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    The Orders window displays all orders placed during the trading session. To display this window use main menu, select Tables - Orders. Columns in the table can be hidden, rearranged and resized. In order to save data from the orders table to a file, right-click on the table and select Export.

    1 - Filter by order type - displays only the selected type in the orders table.
    2 - Button Only active - enable / disable display of only active orders.
    3 - Button Cancel - cancel the selected order.
    4 - Button Cancel All - cancels all active orders displayed in the table.

    ConnectionThe connection through which the order was sent.
    Order IDUnique order identifier assigned by the trading system.
    TimeOrder timespan.
    SymbolAsset ticker.
    ActionBuy - Long, Sell - Short.
    TypeOrder type (Market, Limit, Stop, StopLimit, Trigger).
    PriceThe price at which the order is issued with the type Limit or StopLimit.
    Stop-priceThe price at which an order with the type Stop, StopLimit or Trigger will be activated.
    QuantityRequested order quantity.
    FilledFilled order quantity.
    RemainingNot filled order quantity.
    Display QtyDisplayed order quantity for iceberg orders.
    Avg Fill priceThe average price at which the order was executed.
    StatusThe current state of the order (pending, active, executed, cancelled, rejected).
    AccountAccount number through which the order is sent.