Free license to trade on Binance

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    Free license to trade on Binance

    In order to get a free license and trade on the Binance exchange, you need to have Binance account registered without a referral link.

    Next, we will describe the process of registering an account on the Binance exchange, after which you will be able to trade through the TigerTrade platform without paying for the license, but at the same time supporting the development of the platform, due to the fact that Binance will return us a part of the commission from your trade.

    First of all, follow the link in order to start registering a new account. Next, check that the Referral ID field is empty, as shown below.

    If this field is still filled, then follow these steps:

    1. Open Site Details (1) and select Cookie Settings (2)


    2. Next, one by one select the cookie in the list and click the Delete button until the cookie list becomes empty.

    Then refresh the page and check that the Referral ID field has become empty, only in this case you can use the free license.

    Next, you need to enter your email and password and click the Create account button.

    After registering the main account, follow the link and activate your futures account.

    You can read further steps to set up a connection in our instructions

    How to setup connection to Binance
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