Connection setup through BitMEX

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    Connection setup through BitMEX

    If you want to connect to BitMEX please use these steps.

    1. You need to have an account on BitMEX (register, if not yet). Login to your account.

    2. Go to API Keys page, label your pair, select Key Permissions - Order and click Create API Key. If asked, enter your 2FA code.

    3. In the bottom of this you will see your newly generated API keys. BACKUP your keys elsewhere because they will be masked forever.

    4. Start TigerTrade choose File in main menu - Connections - Setup.

    5. In the opened window click upload_2016-5-26_15-21-22.png Create new connection and select BitMEX in dropdown list.

    6. Choose Live or Test server depending on your API keys from BitMEX. If your ISP is blocking BitMEX, you can use proxy in such way - ip:port.

    7. Click OK.

    You have just successfully setup connection to BitMEX. To connect TigerTrade to BitMEX use File - Connections - BitMEX.

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