Connection setup for GAIN Capital (OEC)

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    Connection setup for GAIN Capital (OEC)

    This article describes how to connect to markets for GAIN Capital customers, real and demo accounts supported.

    Before setup you need to email to with the request to use your account with TigerTrade to trade. After confirmation that TigerTrade is activated for your account you can start setting up this connection.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Start TigerTrade choose from menu File - Connections - Setup.

    2. In opened window click upload_2016-5-26_15-21-22.png Create new connection and choose GAIN.

    3. In the next window, select Server from the list (Live for real money account, Demo for demo account), enter you Login and Password obtained from broker, click ОК.


    Setup completed. To connect TigerTrade choose File - Connections - GAIN.

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