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    Chart trader

    The chart window contains a trading module that allows you to make trading operations through the chart window.

    Trading operations can be performed in three ways:
    1. Using the buttons on the trading panel.
    2. Hotkeys.
    3. Mouse.
    In order to enable or disable trading from the chart, in the chart menu, select icon "key" and in enable Chart trader or pres right mouse button on the chart and enable from menu.

    After enabling trading from the chart, a trading panel will appear on the right side of the chart area. This panel can be collapsed and expanded by clicking on the side title. When the panel is minimized, trading using hot keys and the mouse is still enabled.

    Trading panel

    The trading panel from the chart consists of 4 parts:
    1. Trade buttons
    2. Open position information
    3. Order volume selection and simulator mode
    4. Mouse trading button
    Trading buttons

    • BUY MKT - buy by market price.
    • SELL MKT - sell by market price.
    • BUY LMT - best (top) bid limit order (Best Bid).
    • SELL LMT- best (top) ask limit order (Best Ask).
    • CANCEL BIDS. - remove buy orders.
    • CANCEL ASKS. - remove sell orders.
    • CANCEL ALL - cancel any order.
    • REVERSE - change position direction.
    • CLOSE - market close position.
    Position information
    • FLAT - position size. Positive value- LONG, negative - SHORT.
    • ENTRY - average entry price.
    • PnL - profit loss on position in desired value
    The block for selecting the volume of the order

    In this block, you can enter the order volume and quickly switch it using the buttons with a predefined volume.

    Mouse trading enable button

    This button enables trading on the chart with the mouse. There is a hotkey (Space by default) that enables trading with the mouse while holding it down.

    Trading with mouse

    There are 2 modes of submitting orders with the mouse:
    1. Auto side selection.
    2. LMB - buy, RMB - sell.
    You can select the required mode in the settings of the chart hot keys.

    In this mode, LMB places a limit order, and RMB - a stop order. The direction of the order (purchase or sale) is determined automatically based on the position of the cursor on the chart.

    LKM - buy, PKM - sell
    In this mode, LMB places a request for buy, and RMB - for sell. The type of order (limit or stop order) is determined automatically based on the position of the cursor on the chart.

    Trading parameters

    In order to open the trading options in the chart window menu, select Settings - Chart settings - Trading.

    • Buttons - enable disable buttons on trading panel.
    • Show deals - enable displaying completed trades on the chart.
    • Show orders - markers to show orders.
    • Sho position - a marker to show position.
    • Отступ сделок - отступ от правой границы графика до маркера выставленной заявки.
    • Position offset - indent from the right border of the chart to the position marker.
    • Limit order price offset - the size of the indent from the best price when placing a limit order using the BUY LMT and SELL LMT buttons. Positive indentation improves the bid price, while negative indentation worsens.
    • Stop price offset - the size of the price indent for stop limit orders. If zero indent is set, a stop order with execution by market will be set.
    • Extends market line
    • PNL display option