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    All price

    The All price window contains information on the quantity of volumes sold at each price for a certain time interval. This information will be useful for identifying key levels.

    In order to create a new All price window use main menu, select Open - All price.


    1 Symbol - Asset ticker.
    2 Date - selection of the date for calculation.
    3 Time - Select a time range for filtering intraday data.
    4 Price scale - merging neighboring cells into one cell.
    5 Apply - applying settings and updating data in tables.
    6 Main table - output values for the selected ticker.
    7 Average values - a table with average values of the columns in main table.

    #cell number.
    VolumeTotal volume (Ask + Bid).
    TradesTrades count.
    BidSell volume.
    AskBuy volume.
    DeltaThe difference between buy and sell volume (Ask - Bid).